Friday, October 14, 2011

Burda Style 11/2011 full preview

    This issue has some unique designs. Look at this jacket. A basic design jacket, with nothing too impressive about it, except the red colour! But...


The back will impress you

Can I call it a cape jacket? I guess I cant' cause it has sleeves attached to the shoulder!
I'm really curious about how the back pieces are attached to the sleeves.
Would you sew it? I know I wouldn't ... sorry

I really like this dress. The description calls it a little black dress and it is.

You can also find a similar design here, with princess seams instead of darts.

This one... Oh I adore it! 
I want it right now! I have no occasion I could wear it to, but I want it!
I need to have some friend married to give me a good excuse!!!

I'm telling you, this is the only reason I'm buying this issue! I love it! 

Ok I take it back... I want this one too!

The model in the issue if full busted...
I know some of you ladies will be very happy about it, but I'm not...
Let's see!
It's also available as a gown.

        It comes in sizes 38-46. I usually need a 36 on the top and 38 at bottom. But there is a trick for cutting a smaller size with the less possible effort. Trace and cut a 38 (or whatever you are given) and don't add seam allowances! The excess fabric will be used as seam allowance and you will end up with a size 36 (or a size smaller any way). But be carefull. In order to do that, you have to study your pattern and determine how many centimeters is the difference between sizes as the pattern grows bigger. That's how much you should use as as seam allowance. If that's not enough then add half of what you would normaly add as seam allowance. Got it?

Another interesting design

Look at the details

This design would attract attention to the shoulders, which is ideal for a pear shape.

Look at this one too.

I like this jacket a lot.

Look at the lines.

If you are a jumpsuit fan, you can sew this... but please don't make me sew it!

See you around

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