Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being stood up...

    I had this date with a friend and she was running late. I hate it when people don't have the sense of time. Ok ok it can happen to any of us, especially if you have to deal with traffic, but if it happens too often... urg. To cut a long story short, I really had to kill time, so I entered this cheap jewellery store, with really bad looking faux jewellery, but you never know where you will find sewing supplies.
    Yes you read right! Sewing supplies! I found this odd, bad tasted bracelet, which is made of toggle buttons! Wooden toggle buttons! 16 of them! 

Hate it as a bracelet. I would never wear it.

But hey 16 wooden toggle buttons for 1 Euro is a good deal right?

See you around

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