Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burda 11/2011 early preview

    Let's get a small taste of November's issue. These are the models I liked the most and of course I'm expecting the full preview and the technical drawings to get a full image.

I think I would be thrilled if I knew how to make such a beautiful vest. It's a children's vest. I'm curious about the technique and I really hope there's something more to it, than just a fabric that has that puffy effect on it's own...

Lovely blouse. If I altered the sleeves I could make a really elegant shirt.
I love the ruffles around the button placket.

I'm really curious about this one... let's see...

Another cape ladies! 
Ok now I feel even more better for having a cape in my To Do list. 

This jacket looks lovely.
Shaped waistline and unique front.

I think I'm going to love this dress!
Let's wait for the technical drawing.
The model looks curvy and that's an even more interesting aspect.

I'm not posting about this fur coat because I like it, but to let you know
instructions about sewing with fur,
for those of you who are interested in making such a coat.

See you around

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