Saturday, September 17, 2011

New big pillow cover

No more alterations for me! 
I've had enough with them!
Thankfully it is still pretty warm and summery here,
so I can still wear all the summer clothes I altered.
To be totally honest with you ...
I left one dress unaltered!
Next year...

Here is my new creation.
This huge pillow needed a new cover.
I found this cute upholstery fabric in my stash.
I used both sides of it.

I also added a zip and pipping.

I have to admit that working with so many heavy layers and the pipping 
was not easy.
I've added pipping to projects a dozen times before,
but this time it took a lot out of me.
I guess I was having a bad day...
considering that I forgot I had no more thread in my bobbin 
and I kept sewing... with no thread! Ha ha silly me!

See you around 

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