Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sew Stylish Magazine Fall 2011

     I was so happy to find out about this press point that has foreign press and craft magazines. I saw so many craft magazines I had no idea they even existed!
     Among them I found the new issue of Sew Stylish, which carries some very interesting articles, about making a jacket with fleece, colour blocking, eliminating flaws from pants and making your own dress form.

SewStylish Fall Fashion 2011

    I'm not up for making a fleece jacket. I don't really like that fabric, but, since last year, I've bought this beautiful two sided 100% wool fabric, which is red on one side and grey on the other side and I was hoping to see some techiques about how to finish the edges. Instead I found techniques about how to reduce the bulk, which is ok too, because I'll have to think about that issue as well. It's an issue totally worth investing in. Even if you' ve read such articles before, I bet there's something new to learn from this issue.
    I also noticed that many articles are marked "Adapted from Threads magazine". So... should I buy Threads instead? I've been thinking about subscribing for a while now ...
    Finally, I have to ask ... why is the illustration so dark? I mean, there are no vivid colours and I kind of got the feeling I was holding an old magazine ... Sewing magazines are fashion magazines too, right? And fashion magazines are so alive! Just a feeling I got, maybe you don't agree.

See you around


Pam in the U.S. said...

Hi Maria,
I picked up my copy of Sew Stylish Fall 2011 to check out the dark tones, and you're right! Maybe it reflects the darker colors of the upcoming seasons, fall and winter. The spring/summer issue was much brighter!

Of the two magazines you mention, I read them both. (Easy to get them at bookstores here in the U.S.) Threads is more focused on the technical and design/structure aspects of sewing, from basic techniques to couture design (historic and current). Sew Stylish focuses more on translating recent (not necessarily immediately current) fashion trends into fairly quick and easy home-sewing projects.

Both include articles that appeal to a wide range of ability, but I think Sew Stylish is geared a bit more to people who want faster, easier, popular fashion projects. Threads puts more focus on the complex details of construction and on techniques that may be more time-consuming -- but also longer-lasting, fashion-wise -- than some of the things featured in Sew Stylish.

Sorry for the long comment! If you would like any previous editions of some American sewing magazines, I could send you my email address and we can discuss it. I periodically sort through my piles of mags to reduce the collection and I would be happy to send you some for nothing more than cost of shipping them.

Maria said...

Hi Pam! Don't apologize, I like long comments! Thank you so much for all the information you gave me. I really do appreciate it and now everything is more clear to me. I think I'll go for Threads magazine... Well dark colours for fall makes sense, but on the other hand I could use vivid colours all year long! Thank you so much for the offer too! I may take advantage of you! Ha ha! Of course do send me you e-mail address for sewing chatting! E -mail me any time.

Eirini said...

Could you give the address for the press point with craft magazines? Is it in Athens (where I live too)?


Maria said...

Of course I can Eirini, but Taunton no longer sends magazines to Greece, no Threads, no Sew Stylish. That kiosk is in Kolonaki square and there is a big foreign press point in Omonoia square too. I had them calling and asking why I can't find either of these magazines and I got the bad news... You may read the Threads issues on line if you become an insider (on line subscription with benefits) or subscribe to get it shipped to you. I hope I helped.

Eirini said...

I was disappointed by your news, but thanks anyway!!! Keep up the good sewing!

Maria said...

Ι'm sorry... I'm doing my best, fighting wit time! How about you, what are you working on?

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