Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burda Style 10/2011 full preview

    It's almost mid September and I feel I almost got over the vacations syndrome, I've been having since I came back. It took much longer this time! Now I feel better looking at long sleeved patterns! So here's the preview of October's issue.

Is it just me or this dress is kind of boxy and not flattering at all?
I guess an obi belt could do the trick, right?

Modell Φωτογραφία 

A shirt based on the same pattern

I like the sleeves of this shirt, but not the fact that is crossed. I never feel comfortable in these shirts or dresses, because I'm afraid I'll end up flashing at people!

Love, love, love the design, although the dress is not anything renovating. 


 Lovely lace insert, don't you think?

70's dress! Burda really loves these dresses. I like this one too. Long dresses shouldn't only be for summer or black tie events, right?

Jeans like pants

 the fabric they used...  
not my favourite!


Fur vests were a trend last year. Do you think they will be this winter too?

Mini skirt! You don't see these often in Burda.

Although I prefer shorter capes, I really like the lines of this one. It's so romantic!

Lovely! A long pencil skirt. Good exercise for plaid matching too!

Ideal plus size dress. Show off those curves ladies! 


Beautiful plus size jacket.


Other than the above, you can find a few basic patterns in this issue. 

 High waisted! I love the comfort you experience in them, but I would tuck a blouse in it! It wouldn't flatter my body type. 

See you around

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