Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sleeves up for classes!

    I got this in my e-mail box the other day.

    I almost forgot about it, until today.

   That site, has a ton of online classed to choose from. Really interesting ones too.
   Right now I'm interested in construction and couture methods.
   Of course I went for Jean-ious. It's a class with Kenneth D. King and that was enough to convince me! I was gifted his book "Cool Couture" a couple of years ago and I just loved his style, his forward directions and simplified methods. As the class description says "I'll show you how to make your jeans into a blueprint. Don't worry: we won't be taking them apart or harming them in any way. I'll show you my ingenious method to create a pattern that lets you make pair after pair of fun, flattering trousers in any fabric, from casual to dressy, for women or men. I'll also teach you construction tips picked up in years of couture sewing from New York to San Francisco - things that make details you thought were hard a total breeze. I'm talking about shaping pockets, shortening zippers, sewing the crotch seam, and creating a perfectly tailored waistband."

    I also enrolled for Gretsen's class The Starlet Suit Jacket. That particular jacket is not really my style, but I can't wait to learn all about her methods. The pattern of course included as a print. The description says "I designed the included suit pattern exclusively for Craftsy - a flattering cut with princess seams and a flared waist, in sizes 0 to 24. As we cut and sew the jacket, I'll show you different construction methods, depending on your level of sewing expertise. If you're up for a challenge, you'll learn how to construct a pad-stitched collar and lapel, welt pockets and bound buttonholes. If you don't have time for couture techniques, I show you how to achieve great results with fusible interfacing and machine buttonholes. Either way, you'll finish with a stunning outfit you can dress up or down, and you're guaranteed never to run into yourself on Fifth Avenue or anywhere else."

    And last but not least, I enrolled to The Couture Dress. I was thrilled to find out that the pattern Susan uses for the class will be shipped to me for free! And it will be shipped to me, even though I don't live in the US! That's amazing, cause so many companies, of any kind of services, only ship to US or Canada. I really don't get the reason, but anyway... The description says "From constructing your muslin to adjusting fit, underlining to hand-picked zippers and perfect hems, Susan will guide you step-by-step. Once you learn these essential couture techniques, you will have the skills to adapt the included Vogue pattern to create whatever dress you need - a swingy summer sleeveless, a classic winter-weight sheath with three-quarter sleeves or an elegant cocktail dress in seasonless black lace."

    I honestly don't know where I'll find the time to watch all those videos, but I'm so glad I enrolled to all of them. The price was so hard to resist to. Their original price was 79.99$ each and as much as I would have liked to, I wouldn't pay that amount. 
    So sleeves to work, time to learn!

See you around


Ronniie said...

Hi Maria,

Do you have a link to get the classes for $14.99.
I am really interested in taking a few classes. Thankyou.

Maria said...

I'm so sorry it took me so long. I was out all day and I didn't check my mail. Here's the link though;jsessionid=C79600125EF2708685B578DC44281D36.rush I see there are still offers. I'm sorry once again :(

Ronniie said...

Hi Maria,

That's ok. I managed to find a link by googling using the search terms " craftsy $14.99 classes".

I bought 4 classes, the amigurumi one and 3 sewing classes, the same as you signed up for. Thank you so much for writing about this in your blog, since if you didn't I would not have known about this offer at all. So a big thank you to you once again. I am very happy to have access to these classes.

Happy sewing,

Maria said...

Ι'm so glad you found it! Clever thought googling it!

Anonymous said...

Great choices :) I'm enrolled myself into Susan's and Gertie's class, and the only reason why I didn't enroll into Jean-ious is that I lack time for those two I'm in. Love Susan's class, learned a lot from it - and I'm only just past the muslin. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

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