Monday, April 9, 2012

Burda 5/2012 preview

    So I'm looking through the preview and I'm thinking "OK I'm not going to buy this issue" and then "damn now I have to buy it!". At first I didn't see any patterns worth making, according to my style and taste of course, but then I changed my mind. Here's what caught my eye...

113C 0512 B

106A 0512 B106-052012-M

118 0512 B  119-052012-M
112A 0512 B112B 0512 B

133V2 0512 B133-052012-M

Skirts and dresses, dresses and skirts! I know 5 patterns is a good reason to buy a magazine, but I wish there was more variety in the rest of the patterns.
Here's what I mean.

121B 0512 B110A 0512 B125 0512 B122B 0512 B122A 0512 B

101B 0512 B131 0512 B127B 0512 B101A 0512 B124 0512 B123 0512 B129 0512 B128 0512 B

Apart from the above there are a few more patterns a bit more interesting.

Simple but basic for beach or vacations
120 0512 B

115 0512 B114 0512 B
I don't like the elastic waist on the pink dress, but it's good for inspiration.

138 0512 B141 0512 B

105 0512 B107A 0512 B
What do you think?

See you around


Ale's Jewelry said...

Where do we find these patterns? I could not find them in their website.

Maria said...

Hello! You mean the actual patterns we use to make the garment? Well you'll have to buy the magazine to get them or wait for less than a month and they will post them at, under patterns, but then you will have to pay separately for each one of them and print them out, so I guess buying the magazine is economical!

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