Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coffee blouse

    Just a lady having coffee, probably waiting for someone too, because she looks kind of bored, don't you think? She's on my blouse!

This is pattern 105 from BWF 7/2011.
I had spotted that pattern the minute I saw it the preview
I came across the right fabric and here it is!

She's cute isn't she? 

I just love to finish the armholes and neck with bias tape.
The result never let's me down.

See you around


Sirena said...

Very interesting!!
nice printed fabric!

draculash said...

Waw! Never thought that a fabric like the one you used can make such a great top! Love it! I will surely try it some time, but first need to reduce my stash of fabric.:(
Simona of

Maria said...

Thank you! Fabric stash...I know. I'm working on that too, but I keep running into great new fabric!

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