Saturday, April 28, 2012

Double faced cape = 2 capes!

   I came across this gorgeous fabric about a year and a half ago. I bought a couple of meters of it, not having a clue what to do with it! This was the first time I saw double faced wool in two different colours. One side red, one side grey. I loved both colours and I had to make something using both of them. Double faced means that the garment has to look perfect on both sides. This may be easier if you use two fabrics, but how do you do it with one? I searched and searched on books and the web, but I was not able to find any instructions or suggestions. So I came up with my own!
   I had to conceal each and every seam. That means that more than half of the garment is sewn by hand... so the less seams the better! I came across this pattern by McCall's and I though it would be perfect. Only a few seams and a preview in red to get the full idea!


I usually don't like capes, but the belt in this one makes all the difference. I ordered the pattern and after a few months Burda had some cape patterns too, but I chose to stick to this one. 
Now I'm the pride owner of two capes, a grey and a red one! 

Each side gives a hint of what's hidden to the other side, so I used grey buttons on red and red on grey to exaggerate the look. I like so much that the other side shows when I move my arms. 

I fitted my right out the envelope. I didn't bother making a muslin, because a cape it's meant to be loose, so I didn't expect any fitting issues.

This project took me a lot of time to complete. Firstly I had to interrupt it, to start working on my graduation dress, which I'll post soon. Then I needed something easier that didn't involve hand sewing and mean while life was taking over my sewing, so after a few months, here it is! Thankfully spring weather was kind enough to allow a couple of cold days and give me the chance to wear it! It feels lovely. The wool is so warm. I only felt cold to my arms, elbow down, but I won't consider this a con. 

This project could also be called, how to make a really simple pattern the most difficult project ever!
Details really mattered here. So slow and precise hand sewing was in order. 
Tomorrow I'll show you all the details and I think I'll post a couple of tutorials too, on how to work with such a double faced fabric.

See you around


Dracualsh said...

I love your cape! It is gorgeous! I'd love to be able to finish mt projects like yours. They look so professional.
Simona of

Maria said...

Thank you so much and don't be so modest, your creations look gorgeous too!

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