Monday, April 23, 2012

Red poppies white poppies

    Hello everybody! I hope you had a great Easter. You know according to the tradition poppies get their red colour on the days of Easter to symbolise the blood of Jesus. So I guess this was the right time to sew a poppies print fabric! 
   I got this satin silk as a remnant. It was in a basket marked as "silk for scarves". It was quite cheap so I thought I could squeeze a top out of it. I'm glad I got it because I could really get a top from it. It was enough for almost all of it! I run out for half of the facings, but I used white silk to make them and since I'm the only one knowing it's there, it worked just fine!

I used pattern 5661 from McCall's, view D.


I know the gathers don't really show on a print, but the do add an interesting flare to the fitting.

I didn't make a muslin and I'm glad it fits me right out the envelope.
I probably should have made one, for practice reasons, since this a perfect fit pattern,
that has extra instructions on how to make all the fitting adjustments.
I'm usually lucky with tops and I really needed something "quick" to sew, for emotional reasons!

I love the way it fits. 
It's loose, yet waist defined. 
You know how much I love a defined waist on garments.

The back has 5 buttons. 
I was really glad to find out that I only have to undo the upper one to get into the top!

I was also really happy to find these cute transparent buttons in my stash.
Yey for having a stash!
I'm telling you people, don't ever through away any kind of garment or accessory, without
firstly taking off what ever may be used again.
I believe these buttons came from an old cardigan of mine. 

I used french seams, cause I love a tidy inside.
The hem is hand sewn.

Here's the gathering and you can also peak at the white facing.
I admit it took me a while to get how to make those gatherings.
Not because the pattern is any difficult, but because I just couldn't get it!
Happens to the best of us I guess!

Armpits neatly finished.

I used bias tape to finish the raw edges of the back facing, that carries the buttons and buttonholes.
Red would probably be more appropriate, but the partial white facing gave me an excuse for it! 

Front facing.
Raw edges are finished with bias tape.

Back facing.
I had enough fabric for the long part of the back facing but not all of it!

I also got to use my new button presser foot on these buttons and I have to say it's really good!

See you around


HeathersSphere said...

Such a gorgeous top on you! Nice merge of print and style.

Maria said...

Thanks a lot! My dad said it's very '40s, but who cares I love it! We love retro don't we?

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Cute top - love the fabric :)

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