Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Burda 6/2012 full preview

     This issue has really few interesting patterns and I remain disappointed. The one that caught my eye is this beautiful dress.

Modell Φωτογραφία

   Surprisingly a few more patterns popped in my head, from old Burda issues. Surprisingly because I have the memory of a goldfish! 

This is pattern 126 for issue 6/2010

BM1006 burdasty 2  8-050

Pattern 127 from issue 5/2008
I remember falling in love with this one...
It has an attached neck scarf.

Modell Φωτογραφία

and pattern 121 from issue 3/2009

Modell Φωτογραφία

    Can you spot the differences? They are slight and they are the king that all of us would make, by using different kinds of fabric, lining and embellishments.
     I would prefer sewing any of the old dresses, lucky me I have those back issues, because I would use so much less fabric. They yellow one for example takes 2,50 meters, the pink one 2,20 meters for my size (great issue that one, get it if you don't have it already, you may take a look here). But the dress from the current issue requires 7,20 meters!!! Plus you have to have the fabric pleated. I don't know how that works to the rest of the world, but here in Greece, this is a very expensive thing to do (don't get why, but it is). Also if you have wide hips pleating don't always flatter them. Gatherings may be more gentle to your appearance. So I'm sticking with the back issue pattens!

    I also consider this pants pattern to be interesting, especially because of it's unique side seams and pockets.

109 0612 B

    This plus size, cargo style skirt is beautiful.

144 0612 B


That's all folks!

See you around


AllisonC said...

I agree with you - I don't even have any idea where I would get fabric pleated. I didn't like June's issue at all personally, but that is OK, I still have things from earlier months I haven't got around to making yet.

Maria said...

Oh I bet we'll never run out of patterns! I believe this is the second time I see a Burda pattern require pleated fabric. I remember a totally different style dress back in 2005.
By the way, thanks so much AlisonC for your comment on my cape, but I don't know why it didn't get publiced...

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm over Burda as well. You might want to switch over to La Mia Boutique or Patrones. Or even Knipmode..

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