Friday, May 4, 2012

Burda 6/2012 early preview

    Well I'm officially disappointed and I'm seriously considering to not buy this issue. Burda can get me up to the skies and have me dreaming of outfits all day long, or look at the models and think "what on earth...". Maybe it's the fabrics, the prints, the colours, I don't know but I don't think I would bother making these ones. Let me show you the few highlights I found.

116B 0612 B
121 0612 B

129 0612 B

109 0612 B

     That's it! An interesting dress, mostly because of the texture, a unique jacket, a basic dress and pants that I bet I can find in back issues and a really pretty dress, but if I can see correctly, you would have to use a pleated fabric (never found one of these) or have it pleated, which cost awfully a lot. I remember a similar dress a few years ago, I'll find it for you.
     I'll wait for the full preview and the techniqual drawings, which offen reveal an interesting pattern, before I make my verdict. Now they seem to me shapeless, weird, you know the kind that makes you rise your eyebrow! If you like check the rest of the preview here.

105 0612 B118B 0612 B128 0612 B149A 0612 B-V126 0612 B120 0612 B124 0612 B122 0612 B
114A 0612 B108 0612 B111B 0612 B104 0612 B

See you around

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