Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Me made June around the corner!

    Here's the challenge I've been waiting for. Me Made June! Invented and hosted by Zoe at Go over and take a look.
    What is Me Made June? She couldn't have said it better, so allow me to repeat her words :
    The purpose of Me-Made-June '11 is to encourage those of us who make and/or refashion clothes to actually wear them our their everyday lives. Rather than spend hours on projects that then languish unworn and unloved in the bottom of a drawer, I believe we should be proud of our achievements and creations. Let's show ourselves as well as everyyone else, that our efforts are more than just a pastime, that we have been slowly developing valueable skills that we can use to actually clothe ourselves, damn it! Let's learn to love our creations, to look past any flaws we can see in them (that probably no-one else would even notice). Why not take an opportunity to learn about what garments work best for our bodies and lifestyles so we can make more informed choices when sewing/knitting/refashioning etc. in the future? Participating in Me-Made-June '11 can do all of these things and more!
    There are already 114 persons willing to participate, my self included. Oh it will be fun. I unpacked the summer clothes two days ago and I'm planning on giving them a good press today. So I'll be ready to go! I'm lucky too, cause my summer wardrobe if full of me made garments. I luck in pants though mmm.... Lot's of alterations to do too, due to weight loss. I'll try taking photos often, thought it will be hard with my crazy working hours.
    Come along too. Wear your creations as often as you possibly can. Brag about them if you may. Feel proud for what you've accompliced and cherish this process. There's always something to learn.
    I'd love to hear your opinion. Do you wear a lot of you creations? How do you feel in them?
See you around

P.S.1: By clicking on the Me Made June '11 button on the right, you will be redirected to Zoe's post.

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