Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hemming stitch

    I've made samples of two kind of stitches I use for hand hemming. 
Let's start!

We have a double pressed hem, as shown in yesterdays post.

You may sew it double or reduce the bulk, by cutting off a piece of the first layer, 
like this.

Now take your needle and tread.
(I'm using oversized needle and heavy tread, which are not appropriate for this thin cotton fabric, 
but are photo friendly!)

Tie a knot to the tread and make a parallel to the hem stitch, catching only the double fabric.

On the second stitch, you are catching only one or two fibres of the single fabric layer, which also is the layer you can see from the good side of the garment.

You can barely see what I've caught with my needle here, cause it's just two fibres.

Repeat again and again.

That's how it looks from the good side of the garment.

With a matching tread you won't be able to see anything.

Here's a second way to make this stitch. 

Do the same steps, but this time go form left to right.

and then

you can see the stitches crossing

This is the right side of the garment.

Same result, but more durable.

Tips: a) As you go stretch the hem and let the tread sit comfortable.
 You don't want the tread to be too tight, cause then your stitches will be obvious. 
b) You may make big steps with this stitch! 
You can go from one stitch to the next, with 0,5 or 1 cm space between them.
The tiny stitches on the good side of the garment will end up with the double space between them.

See you around


Elyssa said...

Great post, very helpful :)

Maria said...

I'm always happy to help!

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