Monday, July 16, 2012


    Being able to sew for oneself is an absolute pleasure. Being flattered about your talent to sew and make your friends jealous they can't have the awesome blouse you made for your self is even more awesome! What's a better thank you to a friend for all the good words, than a piece of your work? A friend of mine liked my Coffee Blouse so much I thought it would be only right to make her one too. 
    I couldn't find any similar fabric with an interesting print as mine has, so I chose this ombre satin, with shades of yellow and orange. This time I got to cut the front piece on the bias, as the pattern suggested and the results were more spectacular. The fitting and draping are lovely. 
This is me modelling the blouse before I gave it to my friend.

I'm so happy she liked it!
I suggested that she should wear it with white pants, then it will be sunset in Santorini!

Santorini sunset

See you around

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