Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crafty Daddy

     Sometimes there comes a moment when your whole sewing life passes by your eyes. When you see everything you've ever made and piles of fabric for the dresses you never got to sew. Ok let me explain. It's been too long since I last made anything. I miss sewing. I have to many plans, but lately I was too busy and traveled a lot, so sewing was on the hold.
     Yesterday I decided to start on a new dress. I've had the fabric and lace trim since last year. There's always a lining I can use, appropriate for summer dresses and I did buy a zip last week. So I'm all ready to go! I've cut my fabric, cut my lining, pinned the darts, sewn the darts, pinned the side seams, I' m sewing, sewing, clap... the needle has jammed the fabric in the tiny whole beneath it, between the feed dogs, I can see loops of thread where they shouldn't be. I tried to manually reverse the needle up but nothing is moving. The balance wheel turns alright, but nothing moves, not the feeding dogs, not the needle bar. Deap breath Maria, calm down. I unplug the machine and unjam the fabric, cut the thread loops, open the bobin case part, take the needle completely off, it's broken. So far so good, but still the balance wheel is turning and nothing else moves and I can't find the second half of the broken needle.
    Another deep breath. I take the little screw driver, that came with the machine and try to open it and see what I'll find in there. The missing needle part, something broken that gives move from the balance weel to the feed dogs and needle bar?... that damn screw is too tight.
    My dad just woke up from his siesta, I give him a few moments and I call for help. He unscrewed that stubborn screw so easily. Why does that always has to happen? He asked me what was going on. I was already thinking that if my machine broke again, I wouldn't take it this time. I would buy a new one. I can't be without a sewing machine, apart from refusing to imagine my self without sewing, look at all the money I've spent on fabric, still unsewn!
    I explained to my dad what was wrong. He slowly went to the other room, put this glasses on and took a close look to my machine. Took a screwdriver and tightened a screw, with a weird shape. That was it! It's been flowing like a river ever since! The crisis went over fast! Thanks dad!

See you around

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Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Ahhh Dad's they have their uses ;)!

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